Portrait Sessions

  • My pricing is extremely competitive and probably lower than many photographers in the area.  That does not mean that you'll receive and inferior product by choosing to use me.  I pride myself on customer service and excellence and I think you'll be hard-pressed to find a photographer that offers the same level of CS that I do.  Combined with my very extensive experience in both visual arts and graphic software, I truly believe that I'm the best value in town.
  • Our sessions work best when we don't place a limit on the amount of time that we spend together.  The rate for a session is $110 and usually runs between 2 hours all the way up to 3 and a half hours on a location or even multiple locations within the same general area.  
  • A 1 hour session can be scheduled for $60 if you know that you're not going to need more time.  A one hour session is also common if we're going to be doing studio work instead of location work.  I.E. Headshots etc.
  • Additional charges may apply based on several factors including if it's being shot on a weekend as opposed to a weekday during normal business hours and other factors such as if a drive of over 15 miles is required to get to the location.  
  • A portrait session includes a one hour or "half day" session at the location of the client's choosing.  A typical session will yield anywhere from 30-40 proofs any of which will be available for ala carte purchase of prints or digital downloads which are for personal use.
  • During a multiple hour session I like to spend a few minutes getting to know the client or clients (family, etc) so that I can learn what we can do to make each session special.  Then we take a few test shots to review where we'll discuss the things that you like or dislike about aspects of their appearance.  Next we'll typically take posed and portrait shots along with any type of more formal shots.  Finally, I'll do my best to make you forget that I have a camera as I attempt to capture you and your family as you really are with candid shots.  We may throw in a few poses here and there during that time too.  At the end of the session, it's recommended that we take 15-30 minutes together to review the photos and pick out the shots that we want to concentrate on for editing.  
  • All photos will be digitally retouched and color corrected using the latest version of Adobe Photoshop, a product in which I have over 16 years of experience using.  We will do our best to remove skin blemishes and fine wrinkles upon request as part of our service at no additional fee.  Major photo manipulation is available and fees will be determined on a case by case basis.  Please contact me directly for more information.
  • A gallery will typically be online and ready for viewing within 3-5 days of the session and once it's online, will stay online for 90 days.  
  • A non-refundable deposit will be made to reserve the session in the amount of $40 with the remainder of the fee due at the beginning of the session.  
  • In the event of the session being rained out, we will work together to reschedule.  Also, if a session needs to be postponed due to an emergency, please give me at least a 24 hour notice if possible so that we can reschedule.  A "no call/no show" will result in the forfeiture of your deposit.

Ordering Prints

  • The prices that I charge for prints are on the low side of what many photographers charge.  There's no difference in quality, as almost all photographers use the same few printing houses.  I want for the subjects to be able to enjoy their photographs for a lifetime and not be restricted on what they can have due to exorbitant pricing.  
  • In addition to being able to order prints in a variety of options, any photograph can be downloaded without a watermark for a fee of only $4.00.  These photos are perfect for use on social networking sites like facebook and twitter along with other internet applications.  Additional licensing is available upon request and pricing will depend on the intended use.


  • The following discounts will be applied:
  • 10% off all prints for anyone who orders within the first 14 days of the gallery going live.
  • An additional discount is given on all prints and downloads to those who are making the world a better place and making financial sacrifices to do so.  Teachers, police officers, members of the military, missionaries/clergy from any legitimate religion (in other words, don't come at me with the whole "I'm a Branch Davidian" thing) and firefighters all receive an additional 15% discount throughout the life of the gallery.  
  • Please notify me during the time that the session is scheduled to receive the discount and have a current I.D. available to confirm active status in your profession.