Dance Evolutions Picture Days 2015 is in the books and the students are all looking forward to their end-of-year recital. Here is the full gallery along with any important notes that you might need in order to order prints, packages or even some fun items like iPhone/Galaxy covers or other trinkets and fun things. 

Please take just a moment to read through everything here as it may answer any questions that you might have before you even have them. 

  • The gallery this year contains over 1150 photos so it may take a little while to go through them to find yours. This is because I made it a point not to delete too many of the shots as we did in 2014. Unless it was blatantly obvious to me (a non-dancer) that it was a bad shot, I kept it in there. 
  • Because of the volume of photos, I haven't done any skin retouching as 95% of the students don't need it anyway. If you want to buy a photo and think it needs retouched, please take a screenshot of the photo that you want and email me directly. I'll work on it and replace it in the gallery. 
  • This also goes for a very small percentage of photos in which the crop of the photo still shows background other than the canvas. This is mostly apparent in a few of the group photos but there are a couple of individuals in which this is also the case. 
  • I made every effort to keep the photos to a size of 8x10 but in a few very rare cases the optimal size of the photo is 8x12. I have made notes to this. Choosing an 8x10 will make for a crop on the ends that may cut some people off. (This effects less than 10 photos, I think)
  • I've attached a PDF that walks through the ordering process on a PC. If using mobile, the screens will look slightly different but the general procedure will remain the same. 
  • DISCOUNT CODE- Use the code "PictureDays2015" at checkout any time between now and Monday, June 1 for an additional 10% off of your order.  
  • UPDATE- Please see information at the end of this page if you are missing photos from classes on Monday evening after 6 P.M.
Thank you all for having me out again and sharing the week with me. I really had a great time and look forward to seeing you at the recital. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Here is a link to the gallery:


I've been made aware that some of the classes are missing from Monday night starting with Hip Hop and I've done some research into the situation and am very sorry to say that we found that the data was corrupted during the transfer from the SD card to the computer for those classes and is not recoverable even after running recovery software. 

This situation will effect a few classes and for those who are missing photos, we have a plan in place to make everything right.

We will redo group photos at the recital rehearsal on June 18th as well as individuals for anyone that wants them and especially for those who had pre-paid for packages from those classes. 

As a show of gratitude and to hopefully make amends for this error on my side, I'd like to offer everyone who had pre-paid for packages that are missing photos a free gift:

  • 5 free digital downloads of your choice from the recital including a license to print. 
  • Also, everyone will receive a $10 print credit that can be used toward the purchase of any print(s) taken at the recital rehearsal. This print credit will be for everyone and not just those who were effected. 
I sincerely apologize to those who are missing photos from Monday evening and I hope you'll forgive me. Believe me when I say that I felt absolutely sick about the situation. 

But, I think we're going to do it even bigger and better in the end.