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Hello and welcome! Unless you accidentally clicked this link instead of the one below it, "Dogs That Are Afraid of Cats", then you're here because you want to feel empowered, confident and beautiful with a boudoir session. If getting back in touch with your sexy, feminine side doesn't sound like something you'd want to do, I thank you for stopping by but this post isn't for you. I've been kind enough to place a link to the cat video above. 

Have you ever been consumed in what you're doing and suddenly smelled a familiar aroma, even if just for a moment? Perhaps it was a stranger's cologne, a bit of salt air or a garden of flowers but definitely something that you recognize. Where did it take you? In most cases, it takes you to a moment in your life that was very happy. The scent gave us a memory of a time in which we felt safe, relaxed or in love. 

Every week new artists are putting out some fantastic new music, yet you still love the songs and music from your youth. Why? Because they remind of a time when you didn't have a care in the world. You hear a song and remember the night of your wedding or the night you first fell in love. You're taken back to dancing all night with your best friends. You remember that second date with your significant other, gazing into each others eyes. You remember what you were wearing, where you went to eat afterward and how safe and secure you felt. 

These things all make you smile because you remember days and nights that you didn't want to ever end. And since you remember them, they didn't really ever end, did they?

So how can I sit here and tell you that a boudoir session makes you more confident and makes you feel empowered? How can I say that you'll feel sexy and beautiful and that it can be life changing? I'm not stupid and neither are you. We both know that these feelings will be incredibly strong during your session and for a period of time afterward. But then life will happen and at some point, someone will do something to tear down your confidence. Someone will try to make you feel like you're not beautiful. You'll get baby puke on you and you sure as Hell won't feel sexy. 

But as with certain other fantastic experiences, things will happen to evoke your memories. You'll smell makeup powder and be taken back to the time you spent with our hair and makeup professional, talking about life, being pampered and at the same time transformed. 

You might taste a wine or a certain chocolate and then you're sitting in our chair, drinking our wine and eating our chocolate, reliving your session all over again. 

You'll hear a camera click somewhere and think about the time that you were in front of our lenses posing like a supermodel. 

But most of all, you'll see your photos and remember that you are indeed sexy and beautiful. You'll remember how you felt when you showed him for the first time. That confidence comes back. That bold femininity returns. Yep, you're back, baby!

That's how a boudoir session changes a life. These memories are why we do things. They're what defines us and makes us who we are. When's the last time you did anything FOR YOU? It's time to look in the mirror and see that you're sexy, unstoppable and fearless. 

Why do I feel like I'm the best fit for your boudoir session?
When I started doing boudoir sessions I didn't know what I was doing. As a film school graduate, I understood the technical aspects of a camera and a basic idea of how the lighting should work but that's it. A session was, "okay, try this. Nope, that's not working, let's do this instead". We'd repeat it a few times and then just hope for the best. Flash forward over 100 sessions later--Now I've got invaluable experience of working with all types of body and personality types. I've also taken workshops from some of the biggest names in boudoir photography throughout the world and even went to New York for a lingerie workshop so that I can help clients that aren't as knowledgeable. I specialize in working with women and helping them look and feel their best. If you need a photographer that takes personal ownership in your images and wants you to be in love with them, then I'm your photographer. 

As a matter-of-fact, I will guarantee that you love your results. In writing.

A Special Valentine's Day Package (not that kind of "package", get your mind out of the gutter)

  • $275 in-studio session
  • Hair and makeup professional.
  • Glass of red or white wine (not the cheap stuff)
  • All the Godiva or Lindt chocolate that you care to eat
  • 4 Wardrobe and set changes
  • In person or telephonic consultation to help personalize your session and answer any questions. 
  • 6 magazine style edited photos delivered on a USB drive. 
  • "Little Black Book" a small book of your edited images to keep or give as a gift. 
  • In-person gallery proofing and selection
  • Options to purchase additional photo edits along with other gift ideas such as books, videos and ad space on the jumbo screen at Raymond James Stadium. (Just seeing who's still reading)
  • A $100 non-refundable retainer will be required to book your spot on the calendar. 

If you're interested please contact me today and let's start this journey together. I have a limited availability for this offer and won't be able to book more than my schedule allows. My number is 813-409-1173 or you can email

Thank you all and much love to you. 

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