Name Your Price Boudoir Sessions Are Back! But Very Limited!

February 26, 2015  •  5 Comments

Early this year we ran a "Name Your Price Boudoir Session" that turned out to be extremely popular. We ran it for a full month and took in over a dozen clients who loved the idea. By popular request I'm bringing it back for 2 weeks only.  The first week will be run from August 15-22 and the second week will run from September 11-19. Your session must take place during one of these two weeks. Also, I'm only taking 3 clients during each week so once that week is full, it's full. 

My Philosophy
I believe that every woman has a unique quality that makes them beautiful and feminine and I want you to have an opportunity to celebrate you with a safe, comfortable studio experience that is free from judgements and allows you be shameless, fearless, sexy, beautiful and just plain fun. That's what I offer my clients.  A Kristian Colasacco Art & Photography session helps instill a new level of confidence and freedom to a woman. It's a retraining of the brain that say's, "I'm much more than a soccer mom, an underappreciated wife, the random lady at Target that nobody looks at...".  Now the brain say's, "Look at me! I can look like that! I can feel like that!  I am that woman!" and that's one hell of a feeling.  Women want this, they come to me and say that they NEED this but that something is stopping them.  

For a month we're taking away one of the those things...MONEY!

For one week in August and one week in September, I'm offering Name Your Own Price Boudoir and Glamour Sessions to up to 3 women per week with no catch.  Just email me with your information about what you're looking for in a session along with what you want to pay.  No reasonable offer will be refused.  

Some things to keep in mind when deciding what you want from your session: I require a professional makeup artist for your session and highly recommend a hair professional as well.  If you have someone that you prefer, we can use them or I can hire from my team and have them come to the studio. I've included my normal base package below to give you ideas on what you might want. You can also ask for the base package and name your price for that if you like.

The base cost for my package during normal pricing is $350 and it includes the following:

  • Professional Makeup artist at the studio
  • 2-3 hour session
  • 3-5 changes of wardrobe and set
  • In-studio consultation where we discuss all of the details. 
  • In-studio proof session
  • Private, password protected gallery
  • Beauty magazine style edits. Completely smooth skin that still retains texture and therefore looks like skin, not tupperware. Teeth whitening, removal of cellulite and stretch marks, brightened eyes, subtle changes to body shape.  When I say subtle, I mean that I reshape to make you look your most flattering. We like to make sure that your photos are still recognizable to you and we don't ever want someone to say, "oh Photoshop". 
  • 10 edited digital copies of your photos

Add-ons include:

  • Hair Professional at the studio
  • Additional edited photos from your session as singles or in additional packages of 12
  • Luxury Photo Books with 20-24 photos from your session
  • Boutique boxes of prints
  • Large Prints and canvasses

A few more things:

  • Space will be limited to only 3 women for each week
  • You can get girlfriends together and do it on the same day
  • You will get the same awesome experience no matter what you pay. You get the chocolates in the wardrobe room. You get the complimentary glass of wine. You get the same effort from me throughout the whole process. Nothing is different except what you pay.
  • A non-refundable retainer of $100 minimum is required to retain the day and time of your session. A session is not booked until a retainer is paid.  
  • I accept checks, credit cards and cash as payment. A payment request can be emailed to you for convenience and is payable by credit card using Square.

Dare to be beautiful?  Now's the time. Email me at
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Raquel villa(non-registered)
What day do u have available in sept
Kristian Colasacco Art & Photography
Hi January, please give me a call at 813-409-1173 or send an email to and we'll get you set up. Boudoir sessions make awesome gifts for husbands and also for yourself. Everybody wins.
I would love to do this for my first wedding anniversary as a gift to my husband
Kristian Colasacco Art & Photography
Hi Stephanie, I don't have a way to respond to you directly because you're not a registered user but I'd love to speak with you about your niece. If you get a moment to give me a call my number is 813-409-1173 or you can email me at
Stephanie chlebowski(non-registered)
My niece is prego due any day now, and I was supposed to do her maternity pics when I was in shady, but i didn't have time. So I thought I could pay a professional to do it. So would you be able to squeeze us in asap? It will be her and her fiance.
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